About the Author, Autumn Ater

Writing is something that Autumn has always enjoyed, especially journaling and poetry. She spent many nights curled up in her bed as a young child with a flashlight under the covers, writing in the dark so as to not awaken her two sisters, whom she shared a bedroom with...and not get caught by her parents for being up when she should have been getting some sleep! But, it was there that she found a way to express her thoughts, her dreams and the what if’s of life.

Autumn has been happily married to her best friend and greatest supporter, Scott, for 24 years and resides in Weatherford, Texas. She has two birth children (one living daughter, Elaina, and one deceased son, Robert) as well as three step-daughters: Jennifer, Alisha and Jamie, that she loves deeply and thinks of as her own. She is grandmother to five grandsons and one granddaughter.

Robert regrettably lost his battle on this earth and went home to Heaven on April 22, 2006, due to complications related to his many disabilities. He was 14 years old and is deeply missed.

Autumn Ater, Author

A Hole in My Heart Ministry

In May of 2007, Autumn founded A Hole in My Heart Ministry, Inc. and is humbled to lead a wonderful faith-based organization helping other mothers who have experienced the death of a child or loved one. She believes it is her true calling from God and greatest gift to share.

The “Fountain of Tears” is a life size statue of Mary holding Jesus atop a beautiful fountain and is an “open year round” sanctuary for all to see. This was an ongoing project that Autumn had worked on for four years for A Hole in My Heart Ministry, and is now completed, placed in the majestic and Holy gardens of Praise Pavilion, which is located in Weatherford, Texas. Leading up to the statue is a Prayer Walk of engraved memory bricks which contain names of children who have passed.

Also, the beautiful tear streaks on Mary’s face were not created by any human hand (and was even examined by a local priest and blessed for its authenticity) but what we believe to be an anointed gift from God … and how appropriate for this particular tribute.


Autumn is an Honors graduate of Weatherford College, and is anticipating working towards her Masters Degree in Faith-Based Counseling.

While obtaining her Associates Degree, she served as one of the first in a newly started program at Weatherford College as a Student Ambassador and was an Officer in Phi Theta Kappa, serving as Vice President of Fellowship. She also earned a Social Work Assistant Certifcate through a completion course while attending Weatherford College.

She thoroughly enjoyed her time at college and took full advantage of all it had to offer her; and, she was well recognized by the Administrators and staff for her achievements.

A Thought from Autumn

I very often tell people that I felt like Joseph from the book of Genesis in the bible, in a deep pit with my grief and that God had rescued me from that pit of grief to one of joy in serving others… letting your grief identify who you are is not what God intends for us. There is hope and healing in our Lord Jesus Christ... Just trust in Him.

"Fountain of Tears" at the
Praise Pavilion in Weatherford, Texas
A close-up view shows the beautiful
tear streaks on Mary's face, which
were not created by any human hand.